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First visitor!

Thank God it’s Friday! After the two gigs this week, I’m well ready for the weekend, but there’s no rest for the wicked, as I’m at college on Saturday & Sunday. We also lose an hours sleep tomorrow night due to putting the clock forward.

Still it’s the weekend, tomorrow I’ll be starting my 30 day music challenge, so I’ll be thinking about what song to select as my all time favourite. Whenever I’m asked this question, I always have a dilemna as there’s four or five songs, all of which I have selected in the past, but more about that tomorrow….

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to say I’ve had a visit to the site from my blogging buddy, Marcia, at Inside Journeys, and she’s been kind enough to leave a couple of comments.

Finally, following on from the Peter Gabriel concert earlier this week, I’d just thought I’d let you know of Real World Records’ free music giveaway. Over the next eight weeks they’re giving away one track per week from their vast roster of artists. Check it out….



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I need sleep!

What a week, in the past week I’ve been to three gigs, two of which were over the past two nights.

On Tuesday night, I took my daughter to see Taylor Swift at the LG Arena at Birmingham, which is about 90 miles from where I live, so we got home around 1:00am. As my daughter Devon was at school the following morning, we were up and about at 7:00am that morning.

Last night, I went to see Peter Gabriel and The New Blood Orchestra at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Getting there entailed a 150 mile car journey, followed by an hour on the underground. The concert finished at 11:00pm, so I got back to my car around midnight and made it home for 4:30am.

Unfortunately I’ve had to work today, so I was up for 7:00am, which means, by my calculations, I’ve had 7 and 1/2hrs sleep in the last two nights.

I need sleep!


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What is “A wobbly rotten neutron”?

Hi there, this is the first post from my new blog. I have been here before, but previously I blogged using my own name which wasn’t the wisest move!

Which brings me on to the answer to the question of what is “A wobbly rotten neutron” – Well after much brain-storming, I couldn’t think of an original name for my blog, so I put my name into an anagram creator, and came up with A wobbly rotten neutron, which I think is rather cool!

My intention is to re-launch my postaday2011, as promoted by WordPress, so I guess this is my first post!

Another cool idea is The 30 Day Music Challenge, which I came across courtesy of Melissa at “I could write it better than you ever felt it”

I’ll be starting that at the weekend as music forms such a large part of my life. Talking of which, I’m going to a gig tonight in London, I’m going to see Peter Gabriel & The New Blood Orchestra, so I’m very excited about that!


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