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Get Up, Stand Up

It’s thirty years since Bob Marley died, so I thought it was appropriate for today’s post to be in someway connected to Bob Marley.

I never saw him live, and until today didn’t know anybody who had, but check out my blogging buddy Marcia, at Inside Journeys. She’s had the privilige of seeing him live! That’s just awesome!

The closest I got was back in 2007, when I saw the Marley Brothers at Glastonbury. They performed the classic Exodus album in it’s entirety. The 2007 Glastonbury festival was one of the wettest in it’s history, but guess when the sun came out? You’ve got it, during the Marley Brothers set!

Here’s a video of them performing Get Up, Stand Up at Glastonbury

This was my son’s first experience of the music of Bob Marley, needless to say he’s now a fan!


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