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A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 2 – Boiler Breakdown!

What a week! I came home from work last Friday to a boiler that had conked out, which meant no hot water and no central heating. Needless to say, I couldn’t get hold of a plumber over the weekend, so it was Monday evening when the plumber turned up to assess the boiler.

His verdict – It needed condemning and replacing! And after he showed me the deterioration behind the external casing, I couldn’t argue. Mind you it’s served me nearly 20 years, so I can’t complain.

The boiler was finally up and running yesterday, and I’m about £2k poorer! I’ve spent the best part of today catching up on my laundry and gettig rid of all the dust which has been created over the past week.

So for todays A – Z Blogging Challenge, B is for Boiler Breakdown!

Enough of the domestic troubles, on the workfront, over the past few weeks I’ve been doing an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) course, which culminated in me having to do a presentation this last thursday. A bit nerve wracking, but I think it went well!

Yesterday, my son Thomas had a job interview, which seemed to go well, as he’s been invited back for a second working interview. That was his good news, the bad news being that he’d split up from his girlfriend. Although he appeared flippant about it, I think he was quite upset as he’d been seeing her for a few months now, which for Thomas is a long time!

As for my daughter Devon, she’s turning into a bit of a “rock chick”,following her Taylor Swift gig last week, she went with her friends to see Katy Perry at Nottingham on Wednesday. Mind you, as she’s one of those people who needs her sleep, it caught up on her earlier today…

And for those of you looking for the 30 Day Music Challenge, I’ve moved that to my other blog, myrockdatediary, as that seemed a more appropriate place



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