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Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning

I’ve searched long and hard through my photos to find a morning related shot and as it’s less than two weeks till we go to the Glastonbury Festival, I thought this one would be rather appropriate.

It’s a photo of my son Thomas just surfacing on the morning of 26th June 2008, looking somewhat the worse for wear after the previous night’s festivities!

The 2008 festival was quite controversial as this was the year that Jay Z was one of the¬†headliners. There was alot of fuss about whether a rap artist should be performing, with Noel Gallagher of Oasis particularly vehement in voicing his opinion. But Jay Z pulled off a master stroke by opening his set with Oasis’s Wonderwall.

The sheer variety of the festival and humour of the festival goers is summed up by this placard, referring both to Jay Z and Shaking Stevens, who was also performing at the festival.



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23 Sleeps till Glastonbury!

Now that my exams are over, I can focus my attention on more pleasurable activities, such as the forthcoming Glastonbury Festival. It’s less than three weeks until the gates open on 22nd June 2011 and the tickets were delivered last week, so the antipation levels are mounting!

On my other blog, myrockdatediary , I’ll be recalling some of my experiences at the festival and adding¬†youtube clips of some of the many artists I’ve seen there over the past four years.

But to tie in with the this week’s photo challenge theme of water, here’s a photo taken at the 2007 festival the morning after a torrential downpour flooded the Pyramid Stage field. As you can imagine it was a bit of a mudbath that year

And just to give you an idea of how big the festival is here’s this year’s line up:


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Get Up, Stand Up

It’s thirty years since Bob Marley died, so I thought it was appropriate for today’s post to be in someway connected to Bob Marley.

I never saw him live, and until today didn’t know anybody who had, but check out my blogging buddy Marcia, at Inside Journeys. She’s had the privilige of seeing him live! That’s just awesome!

The closest I got was back in 2007, when I saw the Marley Brothers at Glastonbury. They performed the classic Exodus album in it’s entirety. The 2007 Glastonbury festival was one of the wettest in it’s history, but guess when the sun came out? You’ve got it, during the Marley Brothers set!

Here’s a video of them performing Get Up, Stand Up at Glastonbury

This was my son’s first experience of the music of Bob Marley, needless to say he’s now a fan!

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A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 10

Now I’m really slacking, it’s April 17th, and even allowing for sundays, I should be on Day 14, not lacking behind on Day 10.

So Day 10, that means we’re on J. If I’d been really clever or devious or both, I could have combined I and J with Inside Journeys, but that would have been cheating.

I was stuck for ideas, then thought about the various artists I like beginning with J, such as:
J is for John Mellancamp – I like him, but I’ve never seen him live
J is for Jason Downs – Not sure if anyone’s heard of him
J is for Jack Savoretti – As above, plus there’s along story connected with him, so I’ll save that

No, there could only be one J and that is:

J is for Jackson Browne

I was quite late getting into Jackson Browne, not really having heard much of his stuff until the mid 90s, but since then I’ve been a huge fan of his music. I’ve always wanted to see him live and at last year’s Glastonbury Festival I got to see him twice. Once, on the Saturday, when he performed on the Pyramid Stage, in front of about 50,000 people and then on Sunday, in the Acoustic Tent, in front of about 200. It was quite an intimate setting, and there was quite alot of interaction with the audience.

He played quite a few requests from the audience, including Take it Easy, shown here:

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A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 07

If it’s the 11th, it must be Day 09 of the A – Z Blogging Challenge, but as I’m lagging behind this is my Day 07. We’re on the letter G, now for this I’m spoilt for choice. I could have had:

G for Genesis – my favourite band of all time

G for Glastonbury – the music festival to end all festivals! Only two a bit more months to go

G for Gainsborough – my home town in good old Lincolnshire

But instead of all these, having just ventured out my patio doors and surveyed my vast estate and the mess it’s in, I’ve decided that G is for Garden! A garden in dire need of attention, but amidst all the carnage there are still bits of it to admire, such as my Cherry Blossom Tree (not being a gardener I’ve no idea whether that’s it’s proper name!).

As the days progress, I’ll be posting a few more shots of my garden, in a before and after type of way, but I thought we’d start on a high!

Meanwhile, the performers in the house have both got shows on this week. Devon and some of her classmates are showcasing their Mamma Mia & Grease extracts they did for their Dance exam at school, while Thomas is performing in Hot Mikado for the Gainsborough Amateur Operatic Society. His first show is tomorrow evening, with performances every night for the rest of the week.

Me, I’m playing the role of proud parent!


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