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Badminton Action Shots!

As part of the Get the World Moving challenge, The University are holding free classes in the Sports Centre. Last week, which was the first activity, involved me playing Badminton with some work colleagues. In order to publicise the event, some Action Shots were taken. I use the phrase Action loosely there, as it’s the first time I’d played for a number of years.


Mind you I enjoyed it that much that I played again this evening!

I also took part in the second activity last night, which was a “Boot Camp” exercise, which was a kind of  Circuit Training Lite! It wasn’t too strenuous, but got the blood pumping!

Meanwhile back to the Badminton, on sunday I came across the Rainbow Backhand Club whilst looking at some of the other blogs I subscribe to. It’s a post by one of my favourite bloggers, Sya over at Make Me a Storybook . check it out, it’s a lovely blog



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Get the world moving!

Whilst I was studying, my colleagues at work entered me, as part of a team from our department, into a walking challenge.

It’s called the Global Corporate Challenge and I’m part of a team of seven and over 16 weeks I have to wear a pedometer and log the number of steps on the GCC website. There are 14 teams entered from the University of Lincoln.

All seven team members contribute to the team total and the GCC website coverts these steps into kilometers and plots them on a virtual map of the world.

We started on May 19th, and here’s a record of my progress to date:

To date I’ve walked 133,322 steps which equates to 85.33 km since 19 May.

The University are supporting this event by holding a number of activities at the Sports Centre, the first of which was held today. Originally we were supposed to be playing volleyball, but as only 4 people turned up we ended up playing Badmington for 90 minutes!

Next week, it’s Zumba, now that should be a laugh….

In order to promote the event


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