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RIP – Elisabeth Sladen

I’ve just found out, via the BBC website, that Elisabeth Sladen has died. I shouldn’t think many people recognise the name, but for all Doctor Who fans, especially those of my generation, she’ll be remembered for her role as Sarah Jane Smith.

She played the role of assistant to Doctor Who for three and a half years, spanning both the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker eras. As a young teenager, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in having a massive crush on Sarah Jane Smith!

She reprised the role when the series returned, appearing in a number of episodes when David Tennant was playing the Doctor.

She also starred in the spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which had guest appearances from both David Tennant and the latest Doctor, Matt Smith.

Having grown up with Doctor Who, I’ve been a big fan since the 1970s and Sarah Jane Smith was my favourite companion by far. Now my daughter’s a Doctor Who fan and she was quite upset on hearing the news.

She was the last surviving member of the main cast from, what I consider to be the golden era of Doctor Who, the Jon Pertwee era.

She entertained and enthralled two generations of my family and was the object of my first crush.

RIP Elisabeth Sladen (Forever Sarah Jane Smith)


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A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 04

Ok, it’s Day 4 of this A – Z Blogging Challenge and the letter is D. My original idea was D for Devon, but that a firm No! from Devon herself. She suggested Dr Who or Dalek, but I’ve gone for none of them.

Instead I’ve cast my mind back to my visit to New York, when I went to the BB King Blues Club to see the one and only Dionne Warwick. So today it’s D for Dionne Warwick.

I’ve searched youtube and managed to locate this clip from the show I saw:

I’m afraid D is also for Dropping Off! I’m typing this on my laptop whilst in bed, struggling to stay awake, hence the short post, but I’m sure I’ll be revisiting Dionne Warwick & New York!

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A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 03 revisited

Whoops! Guess who didn’t read the instructions for the A – Z Blogging Challenge? You’ve got it, yours truly!

It does say quite clearly that the challenge entails blogging everyday throughout April, except sundays, which leaves 26 days. One for each letter of the alphabet, it’s not rocket science is it? But in my enthusiasm I posted my Day 03 yesterday!

So for those new visitors,my Day 03 posting was C is for Coors!

For those who popped by yesterday, I’m open to suggestions as to what my Day 04 subject should be. My original idea was D is for Devon, my daughter, but she’s vetoed that idea! Her suggestion is Dr Who, as she’s a huge fan and the new series is due to start in 19 days (not that she’s counting!)

Talking of the letter D, one of my favourite bloggers, Dark Star Burning, made a welcome return to the blogosphere over the weekend, take a look at her site, it’s well cool, especially if you like chickens!

Update, latest suggestion from Devon, D is for Dalek!


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