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Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Whilst rummaging through some old photos and souvenirs from my travels, I came across this brochure from the Pikes Peak Cog Railway

This was one of the highlights of my 2003 visit to Colorado, I’d been up Pikes Peak before, but never by the cog train.

The journey began at the Manitou Springs depot at 6571 feet, and followed a stream through a steep canyon filled with thick pines and huge boulders. At 11,500 feet the train went above timberline, and among the boulders and tundras I saw Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep.

On the final portion of the ascent, I could see Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, as well as the red rocks of Garden of the Gods.

According to the guide, the view from Pikes Peak is what inspired “America the Beautiful” by Katherine Lee Bates.

The summit is 14,110 feet high and I could see Denver, 60 miles away.

Thr Pikes Peak Cog Train has been running for over 100 years and to quote ” has carried millions of passengers in safety and comfort on an unforgettable and panoramic trip”.

I’d certainly second that, it was truly unforgettable.

Now I’ve found the brochure, I need to find my photos!


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Colorado Dreaming!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before about my love of Colorado, I’ve been there quite a few times now and am hoping to return later this year. I’ve just been organising some of the photos on my pc and came across this one:

I can’t remember where it was, other than that it was in the heart of the Rockies. It was quite a trek up quite a steep mountain, with all of us carrying backpacks for the weekend’s camping.

As you can see the trek took it’s toll on the young adventurers!

After pitching our tents, it was time to light the fire and get cracking with the food


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