Weekly Photo Challenge – Water

Here’s some “water” photos from my visit to New York last year:



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Cornwall coast


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School’s out for summer!

Well what a fortnight that’s been!

Two revision weekends!
Two Question Based Days!
Two weeks of revision!
Two CIMA exams!

But it’s all over, for now!

I went back to work today for a rest. And now we’ve got a long weekend, so chance to recharge my batteries and catch up on all those posts I’ve not read.

Still a bit brain dead at the moment, so creative juices not yet flowing!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share these photos taken by a colleague today at the University

How cute are they?

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The Thursday Tipple

Following on from last thursday’s posting about real ale, I thought I’d make it a weekly feature, so this week’s Thursday Tipple comes from my home county of Lincolnshire.

Batemans XB is ” A distinctive, well balanced bitter with a refreshing dry bitterness on the palate and pleasing hoppy finish”

Batemans are family brewers, based in Wainfleet, near Skegness. They brew their beer in a windmill on the banks of the River Steeping. They’ve been brewing their since 1874.

Many years ago, back in the early 1990’s I did some work at Batemans Brewery. I was there for about six months in their offices working on the accounts. Whilst there, I got to sample a number of their beers, but the staple of their products was XB, of which I developed quite a liking for.

I visited the brewery last year with some colleagues from work and went on a tour of the brewery. The Brewhouse dated back to Victorian times and contains a number of exhibits, including over 4000 beer bottles. Apart from sampling the various beers and enjoying a pie and pea supper, the evening was memorable for yours truly duetting on the karoake for a dire version of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

Allegedly this was recorded for posterity, but fortunately hasn’t yet made Youtube!

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Get Up, Stand Up

It’s thirty years since Bob Marley died, so I thought it was appropriate for today’s post to be in someway connected to Bob Marley.

I never saw him live, and until today didn’t know anybody who had, but check out my blogging buddy Marcia, at Inside Journeys. She’s had the privilige of seeing him live! That’s just awesome!

The closest I got was back in 2007, when I saw the Marley Brothers at Glastonbury. They performed the classic Exodus album in it’s entirety. The 2007 Glastonbury festival was one of the wettest in it’s history, but guess when the sun came out? You’ve got it, during the Marley Brothers set!

Here’s a video of them performing Get Up, Stand Up at Glastonbury

This was my son’s first experience of the music of Bob Marley, needless to say he’s now a fan!

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Colorado Dreaming!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before about my love of Colorado, I’ve been there quite a few times now and am hoping to return later this year. I’ve just been organising some of the photos on my pc and came across this one:

I can’t remember where it was, other than that it was in the heart of the Rockies. It was quite a trek up quite a steep mountain, with all of us carrying backpacks for the weekend’s camping.

As you can see the trek took it’s toll on the young adventurers!

After pitching our tents, it was time to light the fire and get cracking with the food


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

I’ve just been browsing through my old phots and came across this one taken at Denver Zoo back in the summer of 2007.

I must admit to not being a big fan of zoos, much prefering to see animals in their natural habitat, but each time I’ve been to Denver, I’ve been to the zoo and they do alot of work on endangered species.

If I remember rightly, it was a particularly hot day and I could quite easily have hoined the Polar bear in the water!

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Revision weekend….

No Thank God it’s Friday for me I’m afraid, I’m at Nottingham on Saturday and Sunday for the first of two revision weekends. This means it’s getting close to exam time!

This weekend it’s intensive revision on Financial Management. They’re going to be quite long days, leaving my house at 8:00am and getting home about 6:00pm. The revision itself is going to be very hard, if previous exams are anything to go by, so I’m going to be well bushed by the time I get home!

Talking of being tired, it’s been the local elections and the referendum on the voting system here, and Thomas was on polling station duty yesterday. He was up at 5:30am and as he was involved in the count as well, he didn’t get back in until 6:00am this morning. He also had to back this afternoon for the count on the referendum vote.

He came back home at 7:00pm this evening and was asleep within the hour!


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My son, Thomas, has started a new job just recently at our local Aldi superstore and as a treat for his dad, he brought me home some bottles of real ale at the weekend.

I’m a big real ale fan and love trying new beers, so I was well impressed with his choice of a bottle of Hobgoblin ale.

Devon took one look at the bottle and suggested it had been brewed at Hogwarts! In fact the name of the brewery is even better than that, its brewed at Wychwood Brewery!

The beer itself is a Ruby Beer, with a chocolate & toffee flavour. Looking at the notes on their website, the hops used are Fuggles & Stryians, which sound like charaacters from Harry Potter as well!


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Spiral – The Butcher of La Villette

You may recall a few posts ago, me raving on about a Danish detective dramaeries called The Killing, well that finished a few weeks ago and was replaced by a French detective drama called Spiral.

It’s a gritty, realistic, fast moving drama set in Paris, not the the glossy touristy side, but the underworld of Paris. It’s a rollercoaster of Gallic passion, emotion and seediness on both sides of the law, full of intrigue and counter intrigue.

It’s totally enthralling and has kept me rivetted from the start. It certainly beats most of the mind numbing dross on the box at the moment! I’d highly recommend it, check it out…

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