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Thursday Tipple

This week’s Thursday Tipple is Bombardier Burning Gold Real Ale brewed by Wells and Young brewery in Bedford. The name Burning Gold comes from William Blake’s hymn Jerusalem.

Here’s the description of Burning Gold from their website:

A precious blend of the finest malts, hops and natural mineral water produces an instantly refreshing beer. Zesty aromas waken the senses, leading to a dry, crisp flavour with more than a hint of citrus on the palate and a smooth lasting finish.

Apparently Wells and Young are the UK’s largest private brewing company, and date back to 1875.

One of the interesting facts about Wells and Young, is that they own the UK rights to brew the Jamaican lager, Red Stripe. A further bit of delving on their website revealed that Red Stripe can be traced back to 1928.

The Red Stripe website is fascinating, with some interesting articles on the history of Jamaican music.







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Thursday Tipple

After a break for my exams, the Thursday Tipple is back!

This week’s Thursday Tipple is Badger First Gold from Hall and Woodhouse, Independent Family Brewers based in Dorset.

First gold is the name of the single dwarf hop used in this ale. Apparently these hops grow in low hedgerows, “more reminiscent of a vineyard”.

The beer itself has hints of orange zest and dried apricots, and at only 4% abv, went down a treat after a hard day’s work!


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The Thursday Tipple

Following on from last thursday’s posting about real ale, I thought I’d make it a weekly feature, so this week’s Thursday Tipple comes from my home county of Lincolnshire.

Batemans XB is ” A distinctive, well balanced bitter with a refreshing dry bitterness on the palate and pleasing hoppy finish”

Batemans are family brewers, based in Wainfleet, near Skegness. They brew their beer in a windmill on the banks of the River Steeping. They’ve been brewing their since 1874.

Many years ago, back in the early 1990’s I did some work at Batemans Brewery. I was there for about six months in their offices working on the accounts. Whilst there, I got to sample a number of their beers, but the staple of their products was XB, of which I developed quite a liking for.

I visited the brewery last year with some colleagues from work and went on a tour of the brewery. The Brewhouse dated back to Victorian times and contains a number of exhibits, including over 4000 beer bottles. Apart from sampling the various beers and enjoying a pie and pea supper, the evening was memorable for yours truly duetting on the karoake for a dire version of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

Allegedly this was recorded for posterity, but fortunately hasn’t yet made Youtube!

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