Global Student Forum 2011 – Dying for Life

Earlier this month my daughter Devon told me that she was one of ten students selected from her school to attend the National Conference of the 2011 Global Student Forum (GSF 2011).

The Mission of Global Student Forum is to enable school students to critically explore contemporary development issues and their role as global citizens. 

The conference is called Dying for Life: Save the mothers, save the world.

The idea behind GSF 2011 is to “inspire and equip your sixth formers with the knowledge and skills to educate their peers about the greatest health inequity in the world today – the fact that 99% of all pregnancy related deaths occur in the developing world.

There are four learning objectives

1.  Why does a mother die from pregnancy-related complications nearly every minute? 

2.  Why is maternal health so important to families and communities?

3.  What are the barriers to achieving the fifth Millennium Development Goal (MDG5)?

4. How can we act globally and locally towards MDG5? 

The conference is sponsored by The Department for International Development and it’s featured charity is The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood.





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3 responses to “Global Student Forum 2011 – Dying for Life

  1. Dying for Life? Wow, that’s a very attention-getting title.
    99% of all pregnancy related deaths occur in the developing world? Shocking and sobering statistics. That means that 1% occur in the non-developed world? I find it difficult to believe those numbers. Mind-boggling.
    Would love to hear what Devon had to say.

    • I’ll let you know how she gets on Marcia. I think it’s a great way of raising awareness, Devon and everyone there will be relaying the message to all the younger classes when they get back to their own schools

  2. It is a great way to get young people aware of the wider world. I don’t know about the UK but some kids here think pregnancy is a cool thing.
    Keep me posted, Tony!

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