Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers

I’ve been searching through my photos to find some I could use for this week’s photo challenge and the best I could do have just one number, 7480.

This was the number I was given when I ran in last year’s Run to the Beat Half Marathon in London. It started and finished at the O2 complex, formerly the Millenium Dome.

The reason I selected this marathon was that it had music stations set up around the course, with some of them having bands performing,.

It was my first half marathon in over 20 years. I’d done some training beforehand, but nowhere near enough, so it was somewhat of an ordeal, to say the least! I was hoping for a time of under two hours, and up to 11 miles was on target, but then cramp set in, so the last two miles were somewhat slower. I ended up with a time of two hours ten minutes which wasn’t too bad.

I ran on behalf of a charity called Malaika Kids , which helps raise funds to house orphans in Tanzania. I raised around £350 for the charity, which made it all worthwhile.

So here’s a few photos of yours truly with my number 7480



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6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers

  1. That’s awesome. Congrats to you for finishing. Very cool way to represent this weeks challenge topic.

  2. Wonderful, Tony!
    I did a half-marathon for charity a few years ago. Rewarding experience. Need to get back to running….
    Congratulations on finishing.

  3. misswhiplash

    7480 brilliant …and what a wonderful thing you did. What a brave soul you are to be running after 20 years.. Your number challengfge deserves place of honour

    love P

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