Revision weekend….

No Thank God it’s Friday for me I’m afraid, I’m at Nottingham on Saturday and Sunday for the first of two revision weekends. This means it’s getting close to exam time!

This weekend it’s intensive revision on Financial Management. They’re going to be quite long days, leaving my house at 8:00am and getting home about 6:00pm. The revision itself is going to be very hard, if previous exams are anything to go by, so I’m going to be well bushed by the time I get home!

Talking of being tired, it’s been the local elections and the referendum on the voting system here, and Thomas was on polling station duty yesterday. He was up at 5:30am and as he was involved in the count as well, he didn’t get back in until 6:00am this morning. He also had to back this afternoon for the count on the referendum vote.

He came back home at 7:00pm this evening and was asleep within the hour!



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3 responses to “Revision weekend….

  1. InsideJourneys

    So, what was the result???
    Good luck on the revision weekend. When’s the exam?

    • I’ve no idea about the local elections, but the result on the national referendum about how the voting system was that – nothing changes, which suits me, as I agree that first past the vote is the best way of determining an election result.

      Exams are less than three weeks away! Help!

  2. InsideJourneys

    Ok, hope that’ll put it to rest.

    You’ll ace them, I’m sure of it, Tony!!
    Good luck,

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