My son, Thomas, has started a new job just recently at our local Aldi superstore and as a treat for his dad, he brought me home some bottles of real ale at the weekend.

I’m a big real ale fan and love trying new beers, so I was well impressed with his choice of a bottle of Hobgoblin ale.

Devon took one look at the bottle and suggested it had been brewed at Hogwarts! In fact the name of the brewery is even better than that, its brewed at Wychwood Brewery!

The beer itself is a Ruby Beer, with a chocolate & toffee flavour. Looking at the notes on their website, the hops used are Fuggles & Stryians, which sound like charaacters from Harry Potter as well!



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4 responses to “Hobgoblin!

  1. InsideJourneys

    I like Devon. She always calls it.
    Wychwood Brewery. Fuggles & Stryians. Hobgoblin — very colorful names.

    So do you like the ale???

  2. so did you like it? sometimes I buy a bottle of wine because of the name or image on the label. I probably would have purchased this ale.

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