A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 11

Now we’re cooking, second post tonight! I suppose technically this is cheating, but it’s not as if we’re being marked (or are we?)

Anyway, we’re now on to K. This was quite an easy choice, as quite recently I was totally hooked on a tv series shown on BBC 4. The series ran for ten weeks, with two one hour long episodes per week.

It was a made in Denmark, and subsequently was screened with sub-titles. I’m not usually a fan of foreign films and tv programmes for that very reason – I don’t like sub-titles. However, I watched the first episode on the strength of a preview in the paper, and was engrossed from the start.

Each hour of the series covers a day in the investigation of the murder of a 19 year old girl. But it doesn’t just deal with the investigation directly, it deals with how the murder and investigation affects those involved. It’s a slow burner of a plot and very atmospheric.

I was a big fan of The Wire, which I considered to be the best TV series ever made, and I would rank The Killing as a very close second.

So K is for The Killing



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2 responses to “A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 11

  1. InsideJourneys

    Hi Tony,
    I was a huge fan of The Wire. Hope The Killing comes to the US, would love to see it. Sounds like something that’d keep me hooked.

    Great post!

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