A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 10

Now I’m really slacking, it’s April 17th, and even allowing for sundays, I should be on Day 14, not lacking behind on Day 10.

So Day 10, that means we’re on J. If I’d been really clever or devious or both, I could have combined I and J with Inside Journeys, but that would have been cheating.

I was stuck for ideas, then thought about the various artists I like beginning with J, such as:
J is for John Mellancamp – I like him, but I’ve never seen him live
J is for Jason Downs – Not sure if anyone’s heard of him
J is for Jack Savoretti – As above, plus there’s along story connected with him, so I’ll save that

No, there could only be one J and that is:

J is for Jackson Browne

I was quite late getting into Jackson Browne, not really having heard much of his stuff until the mid 90s, but since then I’ve been a huge fan of his music. I’ve always wanted to see him live and at last year’s Glastonbury Festival I got to see him twice. Once, on the Saturday, when he performed on the Pyramid Stage, in front of about 50,000 people and then on Sunday, in the Acoustic Tent, in front of about 200. It was quite an intimate setting, and there was quite alot of interaction with the audience.

He played quite a few requests from the audience, including Take it Easy, shown here:


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One response to “A – Z Blogging Challenge – Day 10

  1. InsideJourneys

    I and J, yes, Tony that would have been cheating. But pretty creative, you’ve got to admit. Glad to see you’re keeping up.
    Chat soon, I hope!

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