What is “A wobbly rotten neutron”?

Hi there, this is the first post from my new blog. I have been here before, but previously I blogged using my own name which wasn’t the wisest move!

Which brings me on to the answer to the question of what is “A wobbly rotten neutron” – Well after much brain-storming, I couldn’t think of an original name for my blog, so I put my name into an anagram creator, and came up with A wobbly rotten neutron, which I think is rather cool!

My intention is to re-launch my postaday2011, as promoted by WordPress, so I guess this is my first post!

Another cool idea is The 30 Day Music Challenge, which I came across courtesy of Melissa at “I could write it better than you ever felt it”

I’ll be starting that at the weekend as music forms such a large part of my life. Talking of which, I’m going to a gig tonight in London, I’m going to see Peter Gabriel & The New Blood Orchestra, so I’m very excited about that!



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5 responses to “What is “A wobbly rotten neutron”?

  1. InsideJourneys

    Welcome back, Blog Buddy!
    Nice to meet Wobbly Rotten Neutron (but I prefer Tony).

  2. Glad you like the 30 Day Music Challenge idea 🙂

  3. InsideJourneys

    Same as usual, Tony. Just waiting for the weather to change.
    Last Friday, we had 70+ degrees, today 34 and snow mid-week. I’m ready for warm weather, sandals, and drinks with umbrellas and lots of ice!

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